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To learn more about these studs, please contact us by telephone at (337) 945-0364.

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Name: Hes Plenty "Doc"
2003 Buckskin Stallion

Sire: Woodys Nifita Moon
Dam: Plentyofit E Face

Hes Plenty or "Doc" produced his first cold crop in 2007 and are very pleased with the foals. Doc combines the Driftwood bloodline with Poco Bueno, Goldsecker Bars, Skipper W, Doc's Hickory, King P-234, Doc's Prescription and Leo. We feel these ponies will train for any of your needs whether cow work, speed, ranch work, roping, etc. His ponies have the confirmation, good bone, muscling, and athletic moves that we are looking for.



Name: Pistol Packin Badger

Sire: Smart Little Pistol
Dam: Wheeling Polly

Pistol Packin Badger foals have good confirmation, muscling, have good bone and show a lot of athletic ability. Pistol has sired one foal crop (5 foals total) when we purchased him and these foals are being started now. They are big stoppers, trainable and very athletic. His pedigree is packed with world champions. His sire is Smart Little Pistol, the sire of the NCHA Horse of the Year and Triple Crown Champion Chiquita Pistol. His grandsire on the bottom is Peppy San Badger. Along with all that has been said about this great sire, this year, he was ranked Number 1 by Western Horseman as the top bloodlines used in today's working ranch remudas. His great grandsire on top, Doc Bar, was named the number 2 bloodlines in today's ranch remudas.




Name: Poco Pine Bar Flash

Sire: Colonels Skeezix
Dam: Sugs Poco FLash

Poco Pine Bar Flash's neck was injured as a baby and he was unable to be shown in any envent. However, we did try him in cutting to see for ourselves how he would perform. He met all of our expectations and more. His babies have proven to be great cow horses and more. One of his first daughters won Reserve World Champion Team Penning; another colt won money in NCHA cutting, barrel racing, team roping and the list contnues. Once trained, his ponies have the ability to work hard and perfomr. His bloodlines are an invaulable contribution to anyone.